This page contains our advisories for security aspect. Depending on situations, advisories will be likely published on at least 30 days from initial contact with developer/vendor or as soon as possible once CVE-ID published.

2019 | 2018


ID Description
METS-2019-001 Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities in ProfileDesign CMS v6.0.2.5 (.txt)
METS-2019-002 Multiple Stored XSS Vulnerabilities in the MyThemeShop Launcher plugin v1.0.8 for WordPress (.txt)
METS-2019-003 Denial of Service in PS PHPCaptcha WP before v1.2.0 (.txt)
METS-2019-004 A XSS Vulnerability in Parallax Scroll plugin before v2.1 for WordPress (.txt)
METS-2019-005 A division by zero in Hoteldruid before v2.3.1 (.txt)
METS-2019-006 An Invalid Arguments in Hoteldruid before v2.3.1 (.txt)
METS-2019-007 A SQL Injection in HotelDruid before v2.3.1 (.txt)
METS-2019-008 A SQL Injection in HotelDruid before v2.3.1 (.txt)


ID Description
METS-2018-001 A XSS Vulnerability in OJS 3.0.0 to 3.1.1-1 (.txt)
METS-2018-002 A XSS Vulnerability in OMP 1.2.0 to 3.1.1-2 (.txt)
METS-2018-003 A XSS Vulnerability in German Spelling Dictionary 1.3 (.txt)
METS-2018-004 A XSS Vulnerability in Jenzabar 8.2.1 to 9.2.0 (.txt)