We plan monthly public workshops, both half-day and full-day, with topics about information security-related domain. All courses will be taught by Principal. Our courses are shown below:

The locations of workshops are at Golden Flower Hotel or Gino Feruci Braga Hotel for Full-Day Workshops and Half-Day Workshops respectively. Both are subject to venues availability. We will use Indonesian during workshops. There is a minimum number of workshops participants, i.e. 6-8. You can download all Events Overview in one zip file as follows for more detail: Events Overview (.zip) (Last updated: April 25, 2018).

What You Will Receive

Please see the Events Overview because there are differences between half-day and full-day workshops. However, typically you will receive:

  1. Certificate of Attendance (a minimum of 80% attendance for attended workshop is required).
  2. Electronic copy of presentation slides.
  3. Electronic copy of assessment template.
  4. Free Post-Event Consultancy (unlimited questions per e-mail) valid for 30 days since event held (no transferable).
  5. One-time discount for each Live Consultancy and Face-to-Face Consultancy valid for 90 days since event held (transferable to another person).
  6. One-time discount for next attended events (Half-Days, Full-Days, or combination of both) only for attendees who filled Post-Event Feedback Survey, valid for 90 days since event held (transferable to another person). Note: If there are no events available in 90-day period, the one-time discount will be changed to discount for our Consulting Services, either Live Consultancy, Face-to-Face Consultancy, or combination of both, valid for next 90 days.

Registration Fees

The registration fees are 200 USD for Half-Day Workshop and 400 USD for Full-Day Workshop. Discounts are offered as stated in our Events Policy.


Please go to Events page to make a registration.