We plan monthly public half-day tutorials with topics about information security-related domain. All courses will be taught by Principal. The tutorials have more hands-on practice for those who interested in security and usability aspects.

We offer topics as follows: Documenting Security Requirements Using Misuse Case Template (.pdf), Heuristic Walkthrough of A Security Application (.pdf), Threat Modeling Using Attack Tree (.pdf), Threat Modeling using Data Flow Diagram (.pdf), and Threat Modeling Using Misuse Case Diagram (.pdf).

Tutorials may be offered at Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) of each month, from 09:30 to 12:30 Western Indonesia Time (UTC+7). The location of tutorials are at Gino Feruci Braga Hotel. This is subject to venue availability. We will use Indonesian during tutorials. There is a minimum number of tutorials participants, i.e. 6-8. You can download all Events Overview in one zip file as follows for more detail: Events Overview (.zip) (Last updated: April 25, 2018).

This is a flyer for Half-Day Tutorials: Half-Day Tutorials Flyer (.pdf) (Last updated: April 17, 2018).

What You Will Receive

You will get benefits similar with Half-Day Workshops. Typically you will receive:

  1. Certificate of Attendance (a minimum of 80% attendance for attended tutorial is required).
  2. Electronic copy of presentation slides.
  3. Free Post-Event Consultancy (10 e-mail sessions, unlimited questions per e-mail) valid for 30 days since event held (no transferable).
  4. One-time 20% discount for each Live Consultancy and Face-to-Face Consultancy valid for 90 days since event held (transferable to another person).
  5. One-time 10% discount for next attended events (Half-Days, Full-Days, or combination of both) only for attendees who filled Post-Event Feedback Survey, valid for 90 days since event held (transferable to another person). Note: If there are no events available in 90-day period, the one-time discount will be changed to discount for our Consulting Services, either Live Consultancy, Face-to-Face Consultancy, or combination of both, valid for next 90 days.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is 200 USD. Discounts are offered as stated in our Events Policy.


Please go to Events page to make a registration.