Puzzle Books

For All Ages: Easy As ABC | Futoshiki | Kakurasu | Math Squares | Not As Easy As ABC | Number Fill In | Number Fill In Volume 2 | Number Fill In (A5 Size) | Numbrix | Rekuto | Renzoku | Sashikaku | Shikaku | Shikaku Volume 2 | Shikaku (A5 Size) | Tatamibari | Tents | Word Fill In | Word Scramble | Word Scramble Volume 2

For Kids: Kakurasu for Kids Ages 4+ | Kakurasu for Kids Ages 8+ | Numbrix for Kids Ages 8+ | Word Scramble for Kids Ages 8+

Where to Buy?

All of our books can be found on Lulu website. Some of our books can be found on Amazon, other online retailers, and maybe also local bookstores.

Latest Editions?

Go to Lulu website to get the latest editions of our books. Other distribution channels may experience delays.