Metamorfosec is a boutique consultancy that provides assessment and consulting services for information security-related domain. Metamorfosec focuses on analysis and design phases in the software development life cycle to balance between security and usability aspects.

As a consultancy service, we focus to provide better improvement suggestions for your problems. We are not an agency service. So, please do not expect that we will provide a better deliverable items. We are also not a technical service. So, please do not also expect that we will provide any installing and troubleshooting services.

Currently, Metamorfosec is still not incorporated yet and run by a Founder as a Principal Consultant. For assessment purpose, the Principal may or may not need an External Partner, but it is likely will be done by Principal himself. The Principal has become members of professional organizations. Please contact us if you want to know more detail about this. The Principal also active for hunting security bugs on Open Bug Bounty and sometimes on HackerOne too.

We work from home and have no a physical office. However, we have a business address that can be used to correspondency purpose. We also use this business address if our local clients want to meet us by conducting Face-to-Face Consultancy.

Why choose us

done We love assessment: We are not developers. We are assessors. Please consult us to assess your application and/or website because we love assessment.

done We are independent: We are neither affiliated with other products or services nor part of your team. So, we can deliver objective results for your application and/or website.

done We follow best practices: We follow best practices to provide better improvement suggestions.

done We provide online services: We mainly provide services and follow-up through online tools for conducting assessment and consulting. For our local clients, our services and/or follow-up could be engaged in combinations of online and face-to-face at our business address.

done We care about client satisfaction: We always improve the business process in order to clients get what they have paid for.

Do we have a good match?

We are proud to serve any of you. However, you need to meet all of these requirements to make our services happen:

  1. Your business does not violate ethics and/or law.
  2. You are committed to always create a positive atmosphere, especially before and during engagement.
  3. You are concern about security and usability aspects.
  4. You meet one of our use cases: Solution Briefs.
  5. You agree with our offered price: Assessment Service or Consulting Service.

If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also directly fill out our Proposal Request Form (.pdf) or Consulting Request Form (.pdf).