We are a boutique consultancy that provides assessment and consulting services for information security-related domain. We focus on analysis and design phases in the software development life cycle to balance between security and usability aspects.


We offer assessment and consulting services. If you have a complex application or website and want a depth analysis, then Assessment Service might fit for you. If you have a simple application or website and want a quick analysis, then Consulting Service might fit for you.


We have two scheduled monthly events, i.e. Workshops and Tutorials. However, we do not guarantee the availability of workshops and tutorials because there is a minimum of paid registrants, i.e. 6-8 people. You will be on waiting list if the number of registrants below the minimum number OR exceeds the maximum number.


We have resources to support our business, i.e. Datasheets, Solution Briefs, Articles, Tools, and Advisories.